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STL Trap Services Provides Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance to Restaurants

The Importance of Grease Traps for Food Service Businesses 

Anyone who owns a food services business is well aware of the fact that grease trap cleaning in Saint Louise is a must to ensure smooth and streamlined operations. In case you did not know, grease traps are an essential part of any food service operation as they provide restaurant owners with a secure and clean way to steer clear from sewer backups and drainage problems while also minimizing unpleasant odors.  

If you install and clean your restaurant’s grease traps correctly, its interceptor will prevent grease buildup, helping the water in your lines and sewage flow smoothly. That said, merely having a grease trap is not enough. You have to maintain it regularly, making sure it does not clog up the system. Furthermore, clogged grease traps can often cause environmental pollution leading to costly plumbing repairs and hefty fines.  

Does your restaurant business require quick and efficient grease trap cleaning and maintenance? If the answer is yes, consider acquiring the services of St. Louis Grease Trap Services for outdoor and indoor grease trap cleaning in Missouri. We have a skilled and experienced team of technicians to help your restaurant business steer clear from odors, clogging, and fines resulting from clogged grease traps.  

What’s more, our team goes above and beyond to make sure they meet your particular needs, making sure your operations remain unaffected.  

Grease traps – How do they work?

Grease buildup is a common problem faced by plumbers. Every business involved in the processing and preparation of food encounters this problem eventually and should wait no time getting grease trap services in St. Louis to address this issue before things get worse  

Some of you reading this piece might be wondering what grease traps are and how they work. Well, plumbers often install this device to dispose the fats and oils stored in drains.  It prevents grease, fats, and oils from making their way inside the sewer line, ensuring they don’t mix with waste water. 

If the grease traps are functioning properly, they will keep the waste water flowing smoothly by storing the grease and oils released from various foods. This helps the waste water enter the sewer line without creating a mess 

However, when this separation and flow does not work, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Why? Because it causes the grease to accumulate, leading to a health hazard for patrons and employees. Once again, getting a grease trap installed is only a part of the solution. You also have to pump the fat and other waste out. So, it would be best to grease trap pumping companies in St. Louis to fix this issue.  

How to spot clogged grease traps

Spotting a clogged grease trap is not as difficult as most people think. There are several telltale signs that can give you a clear indication of whether there is an issue with the grease trap installed in your restaurant. You should be always on the lookout for small hints that indicate clogging to make avoid costly repair charges in the future. Here is a list of some easy-to-spot indicators of congested traps: 

  • Wretched smells lingering around in your kitchen  
  • Inadequate water flow and drainage 
  • Regular clogging as time passes 
  • The main sewer’s backups release sewage and wastewater. However, this mostly happens with outdoor grease traps 

Fortunately, preventing these problems is relatively straightforward, and all you need is the help of experienced grease trap services in St. Louis If the clogging isn’t too serious, you can always remove the debris by manually rodding the trap after every few weeks. It would also help if you inspected your restaurant’s traps to make sure the debris, oil, and grease did not create a massive blockage outside and inside the trap.  

Rodding your grease trap may seem like a walk in the park, but it is far from it. Consider opting for a professional to clean the outlet and inlet pipes as it is an immensely labor-intensive and time-consuming job. Moreover, rodding your grease trap incorrectly could create more problems and damage it significantly. You will also need specialized tools to remove the accumulated grease, and in most cases, people don’t have them.  

This is exactly why you will need the help of grease trap pumping companies in St. Louis as they will help your business avoid untimely halts and similar issues down the line. We provide timely and comprehensive pumping and cleaning services for your foodservice operation’s grease trap, making sure it is free from breakdowns, clogs, and excessive waste.  

Why your business requires grease trap cleaning in St. Louis, Missouri

Getting professionals to clean your business’s grease trap can prevent serious problems that could affect your overall operations. Here is a list of potential issues that could arise if you don’t address this issue: 

  • Expensive remediation services 
  • Business closures and interruptions 
  • Health issues 
  • Your food may get contaminated 
  • Pest infestation 
  • Flooding issues 
  • Backed up plumbing 
  • Staff and customer complaints 
  • Poor air 
  • Foul odors 
  • Citations 
  • Monetary fines 

Reliable grease trap cleaning services from STL Grease Trap Services

With more decades of helping commercial businesses Saint Louis grease trap services prove that it’s arguably the most reputable service in Missouri. We value our clients’ requests and provide them high-quality grease trap cleaning in St. Louis, ensuring their business doesn’t face any interruptions.   

Because of immaculate track record, more and more people are opting for our services to ensure they get punctual and effective services to keep their businesses running smoothly. What’s most impressive about our team of professionals is that they never shy away from going the extra mile. They will perform a detailed inspection of your grease traps and make sure they are free from flows to prevent grease buildup and clogs.  

Sure, there are tons of other companies that provide similar services in Missouri, but we stand out because of our incomparable work ethic and commitment to our clients. Here is a list of services that we offer to our valued clients: 

On-Demand Emergency Cleanup 24/7 

Clogging can happen at any time and can significantly damage your sewage and water supply. If you experienced an issue like this, there is no need to worry as we our team is available 24/7 and will help maintain and clean your grease traps before things get worse.  

Complying with State and Municipal Regulations 

Municipalities and districts require food service businesses and restaurants to follow particular regulations for environmental and public health reasons. Our experts are well aware of every policy and regulations commercial businesses need to follow, making sure they comply with them to prevent shutdowns and fines.  

History Reports 

We believe in providing our clients with detailed records of their grease trap’s condition. We do this to make sure you know about previous issues and determine potential problems before they cause further damage.  

Inspection Reports 

Unlike many maintenance services, we believe in giving detailed inspection reports to our clients. These reports list every service we perform, making sure you know what you are paying for.  

Jetting and Rodding 

We use special, industry-standard tools and equipment to rod and jet clogged pipes, clear away buildup, and remove debris.  

Trap Repair and Cleaning 

Our experienced team will meticulously clean your restaurant’s grease traps from the outside and inside. We also perform repairs if we notice any damage eliminating the need to install a new trap.  

Regular Maintenance 

We believe in proper scheduling and abiding by it. So, if you have an upcoming maintenance and repair session scheduled for the next day, you can rest easy knowing that our team will show up on time and pump your grease traps without hindering your restaurant’s operation. 

Are you looking for commercial grease trap cleaning services?

While many businesses tend to have grease traps, it is a must-have for everyone in the foodservice industry. Since St. Louis grease trap services started, it provided its unparalleled services to hundreds of Missouri-based businesses, making sure their working environment was clean and free from environmental hazards. We serve small and big operations, helping maintain sanitary working conditions. Here is a list of the types of clients we serve: 

  • Shopping malls 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Event centers 
  • Stadiums  
  • Schools 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotels 
  • Food production facilities 
  • Country clubs 
  • Manufacturing facilities 

If you use your favorite search engine and type, grease trap pumping companies near me in St. Louis, consider opting for us. Why? Because we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients by providing them outstanding grease trap services. Our team’s attention to detail is second to none and gives us the edge over other similar services.  

What does professional grease trap cleaning cost?

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a particular price set for grease trap cleaning services in St. Louis. Like most labor-based businesses, the price can vary depending on the particular task and the company you choose. Furthermore, relying on any grease trap pumping services you come across is not a good idea as not all of them are dependable.  

However, our track record of more than a decade speaks for itself and proves that we are reliable. Our team will listen to your particular requests and demands and abide by your requests as long as they comply with the regulations. We will give you accurate estimates for your particular tasks and do our best to ensure you don’t have to spend extra cash. However, some grease trap cleaning jobs are more demanding than others, and in cases like these, the costs of labor may increase.  

Nevertheless, we encourage you to call us and talk to our friendly and helpful customer support representatives to get a quote and determine the budget you may need for our service 

The importance of servicing grease traps

As mentioned earlier, every commercial business and restaurant needs a high quality grease trap to ensure they separate greases, fats, oils, and other waste. Doing this will eliminate blockages in your water pipes, and prevent the waste from entering the sewage lines.  

Any business that does not keep clogging dirt from mixing with the city’s sewer lines could face massive problems.  Besides the terrible odors, water overflow, and trap blockages, you may also need to pay hefty fines. Things like these are a terrible look for any restaurant and could significantly reduce footfall. 

We understand the importance of compliance for every business

When acquiring our services, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we are the most environmentally conscious and reliable companies in Missouri. For those who don’t know, there are a variety of grease trap regulations and requirements in Missouri that businesses have to follow. Our team keeps up to date with Missouri’s laws and policies, making sure our clients are not violating them.  

Our extensive process for cleaning grease traps

The experienced technicians at St. Louis grease trap services are always there to help your restaurant with grease trap evacuation services. We will empty the grease trap and clean it with water to remove the waste buildup stuck inside the trap. Since we are an environmentally conscious company, we steer clear from using toxic chemicals during our cleaning process. Here is a breakdown of our grease trap cleaning process: 

  • We begin by creating a maintenance schedule to steer clear of unwanted backups. This preventative schedule depends on the local ordinance specifications, amount of grease, and the trap’s size 
  • Our team provides grease trap cleaning services during non-peak hours, making sure your business doesn’t face excessive interruptions 
  • The cleaning and maintenance team will remove the FOG and sludge layers from your tap, ensuring there is no room for grease and other waste 
  • A team of certified technicians will take a close look at your system and look for issues that could cause trouble in the future. These include broken pipes, excessive grease, solid items in the trap, the integrity of manhole covers and baffles, etc.  
  • We will provide you detailed records of our procedures and services, helping you understand how our team operates 
  • Our highly trained technicians are aware of all the best practices needed to minimize problems and ensure your grease trap lasts long 
  • Saint Louis Grease trap services deeply care about the environment and recycle grease for a clean source of energy.  

Common grease trap related questions

Are Grease Traps a Necessity for Commercial Businesses? 

Grease traps are essential for commercial kitchens and restaurants to minimize plumbing and cleaning issues, maintain cleanliness, and reduce environmental damage  

Can I Maintain My Grease Trap by Myself? 

As mentioned abundantly, grease traps need regular preventative maintenance. Therefore, it would be best to enlist a professional grease trap cleaning service to prevent downtime and lengthy repairs. That said, your organization’s staff can also perform regular maintenance. Sure, it will not be as detailed and thorough as professional grease trap services, but it will help you get rid of some waste.  Here are some handy tips that could help you maintain your restaurant’s grease trap: 

  • Check the trap on a weekly basis for damage or wear. You’d be surprised to learn that smaller problems can cause massive damage and require costly emergency plumbing and maintenance services 
  • Make sure your trap’s flush does not have visible tears 
  • If you notice a noxious or rancid odor, there is a high chance that your grease trap is leaking and needs a quick replacement 
  • Train your employees and staff to handle food and grease waste to prevent long term buildup 
  • Scrape your plates and other dishes to prevent food and solids from entering your grease trap 
  • Consider using drain covers to in your washing stations to trap debris, preventing it from clogging up the trap 
  • Avoid pouring oils and grease in your kitchen sink 

Abiding by these guidelines could do you a world of good and minimize (or even eliminate overflows and backups.) However, you will need to conduct daily preventative maintenance to make this happen. That said, most grease traps need professional cleaning eventually no matter how often you maintain it. Therefore, it would be best if you got a professional grease trap service in St. Louis MO to pump the waste away.  

Can I Recycle Trapped Grease? 

While installing a grease trap has tons of benefits, one of the best advantages is that it significantly reduces environmental harm. As mentioned earlier, reliable grease trap services like hours take trapped grease and other materials to renewable energy production facilities.  Any material that does not convert into a renewable energy source goes to a disposal facility, minimizing environmental harm and preventing blockages.  

You’d be surprised to learn that some forms of debris obtained from grease traps contain nutrients used in animal feeds. Furthermore, grease trap companies use separate vehicles to transport grease and debris to energy renewal facilities. So, it would be best to obtain the services of the best St. Louis grease trap services to make sure they utilize or dispose of the waste the right way.  

How Often Should I Get my Grease Trap Serviced and Cleaned? 

Many business owners wonder how often they should get professional grease trap pumping services to clean their grease trap. Well, the frequency depends upon several factors like your company’s size, the types of ingredients it uses in its foods, etc. Of course, there is nothing wrong with regular maintenance and cleaning, but getting a reputable company could help you determine the ideal time to service your grease trap.  

St. Louis grease trap services can check your restaurant’s kitchen and find out whether its grease trap needs emergency pumping and maintenance. If yes, they will schedule a maintenance session right away, making sure your grease trap is free from clogging and blockages. 

Is There any Harm in Pouring Grease Inside a Drain? 

Pouring grease down your kitchen sink’s drain or any drain for that matter is a terrible idea. Why? Because grease tends to become harder as it travels down your plumbing, which often leads to overflows, backups, and clogging.  

Contrary to popular belief, grease traps do not eliminate blockage or clogging. Instead, they act as a reservoir, separating grease from wastewater by capturing it inside a trap. Dumping massive volumes of grease can harm your pipes and lead to shutdowns and hefty fines.   

People in the foodservice industry have to follow municipal codes throughout the grease management procedure, especially when it comes to disposal. While some people think that opting for the most low-priced grease pumping service could solve their problems, it really isn’t the case. Sure, some inexpensive services might be reliable but most of them don’t remove clogs illegally, making you liable for any type of violation.  

If you want to avoid thousands of dollars worth of fines in St. Louis, make sure you hire a reliable grease trap service like ours.   

What is the Best Grease Trap Size? 

Every restaurant has distinct needs.  So, every company will benefit from a different grease trap size. In most cases, vegetarian restaurants do not need massive traps as they produce a very small amount of grease. On the other hand, food service operations that use meat or any other animal product, produce loads and loads of grease and require sizeable grease traps.  

Municipalities often regulate the grease trap’s size and provide detailed guidelines that dictate local requirements and regulations. The average grease trap size requires in most municipalities is one thousand gallons. Furthermore, the cleaning requirements can also vary depending on the industry. Therefore, contacting a qualified and experienced grease trap specialist for their consultation would be a good idea, as they can determine the right grease trap size for your particular business.  

Does St. Louis Grease Trap Services Repair Grease Traps? 

For the time being, St. Louis grease trap services do not repair grease traps. That said, our experts have years of training and are skilled enough to examine your grease trap’s condition, determine potential issues, and recommend reputable plumbers to solve your problems on time.  

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